Nantes Saint-nazaire : Meet the challenge

In a constantly changing world, there is an ambitious land where change means opportunities. A land where men and women possess an unmatched entrepreneurial and innovative drive. Their strength: setting challenges to push their boundaries. Their mission: imagining the most innovative, most efficient and most sustainable projects. Their territory: Nantes Saint‑Nazaire.

You can join them too!

In Nantes Saint-Nazaire, more than anywhere else, we believe in the power of audacity. This is what drives everyone to set challenges and push their limits, invent new models and take innovation forward. Here, we know that if we don’t try to be better, we will not even be good.

Entrepreneurs and workers in Nantes Saint-Nazaire believe in collaboration and sharing. United, they are the force behind the territory’s ranking among national and European leaders in numerous fields.

Backed by its entrepreneurial spirit and talents, Nantes Saint-Nazaire has decided to instil a new dynamism in four key areas of the economy of tomorrow by challenging itself to become an even better territory:

  • Putting people at the centre of the industry of the future
  • Improving healthcare through innovation
  • Stepping up energy transition
  • Inventing new methods of work
  • Entrepreneurs, inventors, talents, researchers and all types of builders are welcome in Nantes Saint-Nazaire to move forward and grow with the territory, meet the challenges thrown at them by leveraging the energy that powers them.

Meet the challenge and join the territory.