Energy challenge+ ethical + profitable + ecological

Energy transition requires the creation and development of new technologies to better produce, manage and transport energy.

The changes taking place are a driving force for everyone to invent new models.

Nantes Saint‑Nazaire has major strengths, in particular due to its ideal geographic locationm to develop novel processes. Marine renewable energy, tidal stream energy, ocean thermal energy, microalgae: the territory has a unique know-how to ensure that energy transition becomes a real opportunity for development.

To tackle this challenge and develop new opportunities, Nantes Saint-Nazaire has a number of resources and projects.


  • Nantes Métropole is one of four metropolises having obtained the “French Impact” label and was named the “European Green Capital” in 2013.
  • The ESS Factory acts as a facilitator for project promoters by offering them seed capital.
  • A proactive academic environment: CSTB; IFSTTAR; the IMT Atlantique incubator, Polytech (photovoltaic system), etc.