Industry Challenge+ humane + collaborative + creative

Industry is innovating and re-inventing itself. Digitisation, cobotics, big-data, etc. are disrupting this sector which is at the very heart of the economy. These changes help to strengthen Man’s place in the economy, providing more autonomy and security. They also encourage sharing, collaboration and creativity. The multisectoral reputation of Nantes Saint‑Nazaire offers operators a wide range of opportunities for development: here they can experiment ways and means to invent an industry which is more humane, more creative, and more collaborative.

To tackle this challenge and develop new opportunities, Nantes Saint-Nazaire has a number of resources and projects.

  • The EMC2 competitiveness cluster, an international reference in advanced production technologies. Over 4,000 members.
    A multisectoral reputation creating a wide range of opportunities on the territory.
  • An academic fabric with several internationally renowned schools: Centrale Nantes (and its different industrial chairs), IMT Atlantique (incubator), and the Manufacturing Academy project.
  • The Jules Verne Technological Research Institute (TRI), the only French manufacturing TRI which brings together 42 industrial partners and 14 academic partners.
  • Innovative equipment, unique in France: the Jules Verne climatic wind tunnel, Virtual Reality Centre, Centrale Nantes ocean basins, Technocampus Smart Factory, etc.
  • Large-scale leaders: Chantiers de l’Atlantique, Airbus, etc.
  • Neopolia: Network of 235 enterprises supporting the development of industrial sectors.