Work challenge+ agile+ fulfilling + performant

Work is reinventing itself and developing new ways to embrace the city.

Far from the clichéd rat race of city life (métro-boulot-dodo), work in Nantes Saint‑Nazaire is a matter of innovation. The aim is to give all workers in the territory the best conditions to ensure a real work-life balance.

Co-working, mobility, teleworking, third places, etc. are some of the concepts which reinvent a new way of working – more agile, more fulfilling and more effective. There are a number of operators in Nantes Saint‑Nazaire working towards this change and offering solutions to build the economy of the future.

Team défi travail

  • The CSR platform pools together initiatives and projects in the field of corporate social responsibility.
  • The Audencia CSR Chair is renowned across the country.
  • The diverse economic fabric offers solutions to change and opportunities for everyone: career move, welcoming a partner, etc.
  • Urban public transport systems: e-busway and chronobus, shared bikes, etc.
  • A park within 500 metres of every home in Nantes.
  • Close proximity with the ocean at Saint-Nazaire.